airWAVE is our patented bi-directional reaction turbine



As an evolution of the original Denniss-Auld turbine, airWAVE is located well above the water line and now has fewer moving parts. It has higher conversion efficiency than other comparable turbines and improves the overall wave-to-wire efficiency of all Oceanlinx devices.


Most turbines are designed to function with a constant flow in a single direction, however given the oscillating nature of wave energy, turbines designed for a single direction and constant flow are very ineffective for this application. Many turbines have been designed over the years in an attempt to overcome this limitation, but generally with low efficiency and limited success. The airWAVE turbine has successfully overcome these challenges by utilising air pressure regardless of a high or low sea state.


The unique features of the airWAVE turbine are:

  • Bi-directional reaction
  • 100% Pressure drop occurs across single stage
  • Very high efficiency
  • Latching control strategy
  • Spins near constant RPM for optimal electricity generation

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