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8,000 hours of laboratory tests conducted, 40,000 hours of operations, 5,000 hours of electricity generated by its predecessor technology have resulted in our versatile product range that allows for 100% clean electricity generation in virtually any depth of water and even in the most remote locations where there is a need for electricity, water and environmental protection without relying on a grid facility.

As our technology continues to develop and mature, we aim to be cost competitive with onshore wind and fossil fuels in the next 3-7years – placing us at a competitive level with the most mature renewable energy technologies in the world.

To see how we got to this stage, see our Design Evolution.



Bi-direction Reaction Turbine

The airWAVE turbine has fewer moving parts and a conversion efficiency that is higher than both the original Denniss-Auld and other comparable turbines. 


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Shallow Water Application

Oceanlinx has a developed a specific shallow water oscillating water column (OWC) application, termed greenWAVE. This OWC is located in about ten metres of water depth, and is mounted on the seabed. 


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Deep Water Application

Oceanlinx has also a developed a specific deep water oscillating water column (OWC) application, termed blueWAVE . This structure comprises a cluster of six floating OWCs, joined together via a space-frame. 


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Deep Water Single OWC

Oceanlinx has also developed a specific deep water single oscillating water column (OWC) device, termed ogWAVE. 


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Modelling Software

proWAVE software is an Oceanlinx numerical tool which allows one to model and test a wave energy converter as a fully integrated system. 


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