Design Evolution


The latest versions of the Oceanlinx technology, greenWAVE and blueWAVE, are the culmination of more than a decade of research and development conducted by the Company. Oceanlinx is the only wave energy technology company in the world to have had three different demonstrations of its technology installed in the real ocean. Each of these variations represented a logical sequence in the design evolution of the technology.

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MK1, 2005

Port Kembla, New South Wales

Oceanlinx began with what is now referred to as the MK1. This unit was a 500 tonne OWC chamber that sat on the seabed under its own weight. It was installed at Port Kembla, about 100 km south of Sydney, Australia.


This design was the precursor to the greenWAVE device.

MK2, 2007

Port Kembla, New South Wales

The next version of the technology has come to be known as MK2. This floating unit was also installed at Port Kembla, and represented Oceanlinx’s first efforts at a floating OWC.


This design was the precursor to the ogWAVE device.


MK3PC, 2010

Port Kembla, New South Wales

As recently as March 2010, Oceanlinx installed its MK3 (pre-commercial), also at Port Kembla.This unit was a cluster of eight floating OWCs .


This design was the precursor to the blueWAVE device.


Evolution of the airWAVE turbine

1997 - 2012


1997 - 2009

Denniss-Auld Turbine

The Denniss-Auld turbine addressed the problem of bi-directional flow by using a bi-directional turbine and using an active pitch control mechanism. Early experiments with this enhanced control capability revealed the potential for enhanced power extraction from an OWC.

2009 - 2012

Partial Admission Turbine

The Partial Admission Turbine used a well established single direction turbine design philosophy in a bi-directional application. This turbine highlighted the importance of correct aerodynamic design of the blades on the overall turbine efficiency.


2010 - 2012

airWAVE Turbine

The revolutionary development of the airWAVE turbine is that it forces and excites the water column motion the OWC to extract energy from a higher density whilst working harmoniously with the OWC for the most efficient extraction of energy.


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