Our story so far





Wave Power Renewables, trading as Oceanlinx, has become a leading international company in the field of wave energy. For more than 19 years, we have developed, deployed and operated 3 prototypes of our technology in the open ocean. Our technology can produce electricity from ocean waves, alongside an energy saving system to produce desalinated seawater and can provide coastal protection from sea erosion.

As the most established wave energy developer in Australia, we have installed over 750KW of prototype wave energy converters, generating over 40,000 hours of operating experience and 5,000 hours of electricity generation.

Following the acquisition of Oceanlinx assets, WPR has established its subsidiary in Taipei (Oceanlinx Taiwan - OLX TW) with more than a dozen professional staff working on further development of the technology and a demonstration project in Taiwan.

Oceanlinx Taiwan in partnership with supply chain are developing the best and most cost effective methodologies in Taiwan for production of the Power Take Off unit. These collaboration will not only enhance the competitiveness of the company but they are also aiming to provide modularisation of the unit for export.

The knowledge and expertise gained in this country will also be transferred to other sister companies in US, Australia and Europe

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